Friday, August 26, 2011

LA230 Project

As we work to promote LA Heritage over the next year in honor of the 230th anniversary of the founding of Los Angeles, we've developed a
joint marketing program for "LA230 Events." It is simple (& free!) to participate; all you need to do is the following:

a. Designate an event you're planning (or will plan) as part of the LA230
b. Enter the event at the Heritage Portal at using the title of “LA230: [Event Name]”
c. Use the LA230 logo on all marketing materials, including flyers, banners, websites, etc.
d. Promote your event as part of the LA230 celebration

What will be done for you:
- We will email you you the LA230 event logo for you to use on materials.
- Individual links to LA230 events will be listed the LAHA page (the links will be to the Heritage Portal, not your site specifically.
- LA230 will be promoted in general to tourism, LA, and event websites and news outlets

Please send the link of your event to us as soon as it's posted so we can start building the webpage to launch in at the end of August.

For a short tagline, you can use:
"Celebrating LA's 230th Birthday" or "Celebrating 230 years of LA!"

For press releases and websites, you can use the following blurb:
About LA 230
On September 4, 1781, 11 families, 4 Soldiers (and their families) set out from Mission San Gabriel and walked the nine miles to what today is known as Olvera Street to found the pueblo known now as Los Angeles. Over 200 organizations from across Los Angeles today work to
preserve and promote our shared heritage, and LA230 is their effort to highlight and share 230 years worth of history and culture. Visit for all the LA230 events!

***Please let us know by August 31st which event you have designated so we can include it in the first press release!***