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Redondo Beach Historical Society Historic and Architectural Tour

Redondo Beach Historical Society


Historic & Architectural Home Tour


Saturday, June 27, 2009

10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

This year's tour features several landmark homes, a church celebrating its 100th anniversary, a gorgeous contemporary Craftsman, among others!


In addition, there will be booths set up at

Heritage Court (298 Flagler Lane)

and both museums will be open!


Home Tour Tickets are $15 in advance; $20 day of event.

Advance Tickets now available at the

Morrell House (298 Flagler Lane)

on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4:00pm


Visit the Historical Society website for more information:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

L.A. Home to 1 of 11 Most Endangered Historic Places in America for 2009

From the National Historic Trust...

National Trust for Historic Preservation Names Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles to its 2009 List of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places
Media Contact: Communications & Marketing, 202.588.6141,

Washington, D.C. (April 28, 2009) - Today, the National Trust for Historic Preservation named the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles to its 2009 list of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places®. This annual list highlights important examples of the nation's architectural, cultural and natural heritage that are at risk of destruction or irreparable damage.

This year's national announcement of the list was made adjacent to the Century Plaza Hotel to both highlight the threat to modernist architecture nationally and to focus attention on sustainability and the need to recycle existing infrastructure, rather than throw it away. Opened in 1966 as the centerpiece of Century City, the 19-story curved hotel has been a prominent Los Angeles landmark for more than four decades. From its prime perch fronting the spectacular fountains on the Avenue of the Stars, the Century Plaza's sweeping modern design strongly evokes the exuberant optimism of the 1960s. Designed by renowned architect Minoru Yamasaki, who would later design New York's World Trade Center twin towers, the hotel incorporates Yamasaki's ornamental, textural and sculptural trademarks. Yamasaki also designed the 1975 twin Century Plaza towers, the striking triangular buildings east of the hotel.
Currently operating as a Hyatt Regency, the hotel was purchased by Next Century Associates in May of 2008. The new owner promptly called the hotel "a jewel in my hometown" - but less than six months later, the same owner announced plans to raze the building and replace it with two 600-foot towers, which would house a boutique hotel, luxury condominiums and mixed-use space.

The handsome, elegant hotel is in excellent condition and was the beneficiary of a $36 million facelift just over a year ago. The meeting and conference areas have also been renovated and remain among the largest and most desirable convention spaces in the city. The hotel's owners claim their development plan is "part of the greening of Century City," touting the fact that the new construction will be designed with green roofs and environmentally sensitive building materials.

"How is the demolition of a 40-year-old, fully functioning building environmentally responsible?" asked Richard Moe, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. "In a state known for its environmental stewardship and strong focus on sustainable development, it boggles the imagination to think a developer could propose tearing down a newly renovated, thriving hotel - a landmark of modern architecture - and replace it with new construction. Because historic preservation inherently involves the conservation of energy and natural resources, it has always been the greenest form of development."

According to the National Trust, the energy embodied in the 800,000-square-foot Century Plaza Hotel is the equivalent of 167,000 barrels of oil, a statistic that takes into account the amount of energy used in the construction of the building. If the structure were to be demolished and landfilled, the energy locked up in it would be totally wasted. What's more, the process of demolition would use more energy, and the construction of a new building on the Century Plaza site would require even more.

The Los Angeles Conservancy, founded in 1978 to preserve architectural resources, is leading the charge to save the hotel. Academy Award-winning actress Diane Keaton, a former board member of the Conservancy and a current trustee of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, participated in the news conference in Los Angeles to announce the 11 Most Endangered listing.

"All over Los Angeles, too many of our great modern buildings have already fallen to the wrecking ball," said Keaton. "We need to lead by example and show the rest of the country that buildings are renewable, and we shouldn't be throwing them away. We should be recycling them just like we recycle newspapers."

The hotel, which fueled the development of Century City and forged its reputation as a world-class destination, has been a gathering place for celebrities, politicians and world dignitaries since its opening day. Once nicknamed the "West Coast White House," the Century Plaza was a favorite of both Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Nixon hosted a celebration for the Apollo 11 astronauts here, while Reagan presided over two presidential victory celebrations in the hotel's vast ballroom and conducted much of his business in the hotel's Presidential Suite while in California.

The 2009 list of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places was made possible, in part, by a grant from HistoryTM. Local preservation groups across the nation submitted nominations for this year's list; the nomination for Century Plaza Hotel was submitted by the Los Angeles Conservancy.

The public is invited to learn more about what they can do to support these and hundreds of other endangered sites, experience first-hand accounts of these places, and share stories and photos of their own at
To download high resolution images and video of this year's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places, visit

Lost to “Progress”: The Modernization of Los Angeles

From Heritage Square Museum...
Los Angeles, CA - Opening May 2 to coincide with National Preservation Month, explore the controversial evolution of Los Angeles through the examination of three lost neighborhoods: Bunker Hill, Palo Verde (Chavez Ravine), and the original Chinatown. Lost to Progress: The Modernization of Los Angeles runs through June 28th.

Beginning with its very early history, Los Angeles has been a city of constant reinvention and replacement. The original inhabitants of the area, the Tongva, were eventually usurped by the Mexican Californios, who were replaced by a large Anglo population after 1850 through a program backed by the United States Government. Yet throughout this history, large ethnic communities never went away, but formed ethnic enclaves such as Little Tokyo and Chinatown. Each community contributed its own social structure, architecture and economic system that both competed with and complemented LA’s larger social fabric.

Lost to Progress begins its critical look at the first Chinatown. The “Last of the Great Railway Stations” in the United States, Union Station was built in 1939 and replaced the site of the first Chinatown. The “new” Chinatown was invented not far away, but many businesses did not return, nor did they look at it as the legitimate site of the Chinese community in Los Angeles. Visitors can view rarely-seen images taken from the archives of this first Chinatown and compare them with those of Chinatown today.

Continuing along the same theme, from the 1940s to the 1960s, massive public works projects would determine the fate of Bunker Hill and Chavez Ravine. As in Chinatown in the 1930s, both of these neighborhoods shared the characteristics of having large low-income, minority populations and being close to the City center. In the late 1940s, the once-stately Victorian-era dwellings began to have a high-rate of absentee land ownership, particularly as white flight to the suburbs began en masse. The resulting deteriorating conditions helped City leaders to justify creation of downtown as a civic and commercial hub.

The closely-knit Mexican-American communities of Palo Verde, La Loma and La Bishop made up Chavez Ravine. In 1962, these communities were forcefully replaced in what is one of Los Angeles’ most well-known battles over eminent domain against a public-partnership consortium to create what is today Dodger Stadium. Lost to Progress takes you inside these battles and the communities the stadium replaced.
As the reinvention of Los Angeles continues, the public is often told it needs large-scale public works development projects and that eminent domain is a necessary means to achieving a positive end. Examining these neighborhoods, now forgotten or reduced to street names, visitors to the exhibit are asked “Was it worth it?”

Celebrating 40 Years of Preservation and Interpretation of the History of Southern California, Heritage Square Museum is a living history museum dedicated to telling the story of the development of Los Angeles. The exhibit is included in the museum’s admission fee: $10/Adults, $8/Seniors, $5/Children ages 6-12. The museum is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 12 to 5 PM. Admission is free for museum members. Lost to Progress runs through June 28. Lost to Progress is co-curated by Jessica Maria Alicea-Covarrubias and Leticia Muñoz.

Heritage Square is located at 3800 Homer Street, off the 110 Arroyo Seco Parkway (110/Pasadena Freeway) at Avenue 43, just north of downtown Los Angeles. For further information, the public may call 323/225-2700 or visit our website at

"Grant-Searching" Resources in LA County

There are many resources for heritage non-profits and other grant seekers related to funding, but many of those sources of information cost money.

To that end, The Foundation Center offers Core Collections, which are free funding information centers in libraries, community foundations, and other nonprofit resource centers that provide a core collection of Foundation Center publications and a variety of supplementary materials and services in areas useful to grantseekers, including the following electronic resources:
-The Foundation Directory Online Professional
-Foundation Grants to Individuals Online

In LA County, the following locations serve as Core Collection centers with these valuable tools:
-Center For Nonprofit Management
-Flintridge Foundation
-Los Angeles Public Library, Mid-Valley Regional Branch
-Los Angeles Public Library, San Pedro Regional Branch
-Santa Monica Public Library
-Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research

Details on these sites can be found at the Los Angeles Public Library site here.

Other grant seeking resources can be found on the Library's site here or on the resources panel at the right column of this site.

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Are You Ready for the Redesigned Form 990?

IdeaEncore, an online non-profit assistance program, has presentations, workshops, worksheets and forms online for download (for free and purchase).

One of the latest resources they offer (for free) is information on the new Form 990 that all non-profits are required to complete. The new Form 990 "requires" substantially all exempt organizations to implement many new policies and procedures. It's provided by Windes & McClaughry (Long Beach, CA) and is 12 pages. Free registration is required, and well worth the time. Click here for a preview.

About IdeaEncore:
IdeaEncore provides nonprofit organizations, foundations and quality content owners with an online marketplace for sharing ready-to-use tools / templates / training content / policies / program materials. This knowledge management service is a channel of distribution for spreading mission and creating earned income. IdeaEncore encourages organizations to invest the time to share their experiences. The service also supports a range of licensing options for sharing materials while protecting intellectual property rights. Unlike online libraries, Listserves, or broad internet searches, IdeaEncore’s incentivized sharing should mean more relevant content will be shared more broadly and more efficiently. The result should be a multiplier of sector capacity – allowing nonprofit organizations around the world to innovate faster, at lower cost, and with less risk compared with reinventing the wheel, networking, or using existing islands of online resources.

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How Is Your Organization Seen from the Outside?

Often, outsiders stumble upon your organization without you knowing about it. How are you seen to the outside world when you're not telling the story yourself?

You can have an impact on how your organization is seen, at least in part, by updating your organization's GuideStar report.

So what are GuideStar reports?
GuideStar reports are Web pages displaying information on a single nonprofit organization. Reports are found by searching the site and selecting one of the organizations on a search results page.

The amount of information available on these pages depends on each organization's participation level. The most active nonprofits provide information for their reports, upload documents, as well as post pictures and video.

Any nonprofit can update its nonprofit report on GuideStar for free.

To learn how to do this, visit the GuideStar report page.

Why should heritage organizations in L.A. take interest in GuideStar?
First, it's free. It won't cost you anything to have a higher profile on a site which claims that:
Every day, nearly 22,000 people come to GuideStar to learn more about nonprofits; in 2008, their visits added up to more than 8 million visitors. Many are donors and grantmakers seeking information on organizations to support. Reach out to them—and to the other members of our vast audience—by updating your organization's nonprofit report.

If you really want to get connected with GuideStar, you can be a part of the GuideStar Exchange. Again, this is free but requires a higher level of disclosure (and more effort).

Check out their site and see how you can maximize it for your organization.

Join the Citywide HPOZ Conference: May 30th

From the City of L.A. PLanning Department's Office of Historic Resources April Newsletter:
The Department of City Planning is partnering with the Los Angeles Conservancy for the eighth straight year to organize a citywide conference focused on the City’s historic districts, the 24 Historic Preservation Overlay Zones (HPOZs). This year, for the first time ever, the conference will be reaching beyond the HPOZ Boardmembers to invite any and all who are interested in historic preservation and Los Angeles’ most significant historic neighborhoods.

We hope that you’ll join us and help spread the word to your friends and neighbors.

The conference will be held on Saturday, May 30, 2009, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at Angelica Lutheran Church, 1345 S.Burlington Ave., in the Pico Union HPOZ. It will offer a stimulating day of workshops, tours, and networking, including:
• The first HPOZ Awards Luncheon, honoring outstanding projects within the city’s 24 HPOZs.
• Pico Union Walking Tours, including the Alvarado Terrace National Register District
• A hands-on workshop on window repair
• Breakout sessions to include:
° Introduction on the basics of HPOZs for homeowners and residents
° Advice for new and proposed HPOZ's
° Advanced sessions for current HPOZ Board Members

This conference is for you if you live in an HPOZ and want to learn more about how it works, if you're on the board of an HPOZ, if you're in the process of forming an HPOZ, or if you may be interested in forming an HPOZ to protect the historic character of your neighborhood. The cost for the conference is $20, which includes continental breakfast and lunch. To register, please visit or contact Flora Chou at or (213) 430-4211 by May 16, 2009.

Be a Worksite for Paid Staff

Are you short on staff but need help with front desk reception, docents, and other entry-level office duties? Do you need more hands on deck but are unable to hire additional support staff at this time?

Consider the two opportunities for cultural organizations to hire youth (ages 14-24) and seniors (55+) through federally funded programs greatly augmented by the stimulus package that place youth and seniors in work sites.

Don't miss the cance to have an employee for 140 hour to up to 2 years at no cost to your organization (though they must be trained and supervised!)

Click here for information.

via Arts for LA newsletter

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Heritage Organization List

Below is an updated list of the Heritage Organizations and Contacts in L.A. County. This list is updated when new information is discovered or received. For corrections or updates, please email

This list was last updated on April 26, 2012 at 2:45 pm.

Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Museum
Beverly Hills8949 Wilshire Blvd 90211
Contact: Randy Haberkamp, Director of Special Projects

Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 2002 as a memorial to artist blacksmith Adam Leventhal, Adam’s Forge encourages students of diverse ages and abilities to express themselves artistically through the medium of metals. Our primary mission is to raise awareness, teach skills, preserve and advance the craft, and broaden and grow the blacksmithing community. Programs include classes, public demonstrations and exhibitions.

Adams-Dockweiler Heritage Organizing CommitteeWest Adams
Contact: Jim Childs

African American Firefighter MuseumLos Angeles1401 Central Ave. 90021
Contact: Brent Burton,
The African American Firefighter Museum is dedicated to the collection, conservation and sharing of the pioneering heritage of African American firefighters in Los Angeles and throughout the nation. We are housed in old fire station #30, the oldest standing firehouse in LA where African American firefighters were segregated from 1924-1955.

Alhambra Historical SocietyAlhambra
Alhambra Preservation Group
AlhambraP.O. Box 1332 91802
Contact: Susan Bejeckian or Oscar Amaro
(626) 755-3467
Alhambra Preservation Group (APG) had its origin in 2003 with a small coalition of community members who shared both an interest in local history and a deep concern over threats to Alhambra's historic architectural resources. Through education, advocacy and awareness-building programs APG seeks to ensure that the historical, architectural and cultural resources of Alhambra are identified, protected and celebrated for their contributions to Alhambra's heritage, economy and environment

Altadena HeritageAltadena

Altadena Historical SocietyAltadena
Contact: Jerry Sutton
(626) 794-4961

American Cinematheque
6712 Hollywood Blvd 90028
Contact: Margot Gerber, Director of Public Relations

American Film Institute

American Historical Association, Pacific Coast Branch

Angels Flight Railway Foundation
Downtown Los Angeles
Bunker Hill Post Office Box 712345
Los Angeles, California 90071
Contact: John H. Welborne, President
Angels Flight Railway Foundation was founded as a 501(c)3 organization in 1995 and has been responsible for the private little funicular in Downtown Los Angeles since 1996. The Angels Flight Railway Foundation is restoring the soon-to-reopen Railway, originally opened on Bunker Hill in 1901.

Arcadia Historical Museum
Contact: Dana Dunn, Curator

Arcadia Historical Society
P.O. Box 60021 91066-6021

Archaeological Information Center

Arroyo Arts Collective
Los AngelesP.O. Box 50835 90050
Contact: Laurie Arroyo,

Art Deco Society of Los AngelesHollywood
P.O. Box 972 90078
Contact: Amy Ronnebeck Hall or Annamarie Von Firley, Boardmembers

Associated Historical Societies of L.A. CountyLos Angeles County
1337 Bellevue Ave. 90026
Contact: Daniel "Danny" Munoz, President

Autry National Center’s Museum of Western Heritage

Autry National Center's Southwest MuseumLos Angeles
234 Museum Dr. 90065
Contact: Anthony Flores, Operations Manager
The Southwest Museum is devoted to the preservation and study of Native American history and culture. The Southwest Museum is also the oldest museum in Los Angeles.

Azusa Street Mission & Historical Society
Los AngelesP.O. Box 86321 90086
Contact: Fred Berry, President/Secretary
Azusa Street Mission & Historical Society is honored to steward the historic location of the 1906 Azusa Street Mission & Revival site in downtown Los Angeles. The revival impacted the world as the cradle of the modern Pentecostal Movement. Our purpose is to educate the public about the Azusa Street Mission & Revival and the global Pentecostal movement.

Baldwin Park Historical SocietyBaldwin Park

Banning Residence MuseumWilmington
401 East M Street 90744

Bellflower Heritage Society

Beverly Hills Historical Society
Beverly Hills
Contact: Marc Wanamaker, Vice-President

Boyle Heights Historical SocietyLos Angeles /Boyle Heights

P.O. Box 86274 Los Angeles, CA 90086-0274
Contact: Diane Ybarra or Rebecca Delgado
The new Boyle Heights Historical Society (BHHS) is a membership-based non-profit organization whose mission is to engage the public's interest to collect, preserve, appreciate and share knowledge relevant to the diverse social, ethnic, cultural, geographic and architectural heritage of Boyle Heights within its regional context.

Burbank Historical Society
Contact: Don Baldseroni, past-President

Calabasas Historical Society
Contact: Debra Bruschaber, President (2009)
818-591-1701 ext. 205

California African American Museum
Los Angeles - Expo Park
Contact: Ann Shea, Librarian

California Art Club
75 S. Grand Avenue 91105
Contact: Lisa Cavelier,
Since its founding on the banks of the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena 100 years ago, the California Art Club has actively promoted the traditional fine arts of painting, drawing and sculpture with an extensive array of programs and exhibitions. Included in its offerings are lectures, workshops, paint-outs, opportunities for artists, art scholars and art enthusiasts alike

California Heritage Museum
Santa Monica
(310) 392-8537

California Preservation Foundation
San Fransisco/Statewide
5 Third St., Ste 424, 94103
The California Preservation Foundation provides statewide leadership, advocacy and education to ensure the protection of California's diverse cultural heritage and historic places.

Campo De Cahuenga Historical Memorial Assn.
Universal City/North Hollywood
Contact: Deuk Perrin, President

Canoga-Owensmouth Historical Society
Canoga Park
7248 Owensmouth Ave. 91303
Contact: Jean Jauck, President
Carolwood Pacific Historical Society
Griffith Park
Walt Disney's Carolwood Barn
Los Angeles Live Steamers Museum
PO Box 2156 Toluca Lake, CA 91610-0156
Contact: Michael Broggie, Founder/Chairman
Carolwood Foundation / Carolwood Pacific Historical Society
Carolwood Pacific Historical Society's mission is to preserve Walt Disney's railroad legacy. We accomplish through our members' love of railroading which is shared with everyone; to teach our children to understand the role that railroads served in building this great nation, and to encourage the continual appreciation of railroading.Carolwood hosts several members-only social events each year which have resulted in the creation of lifelong friendships among our members, and wonderful memories for all. We also operate Walt Disney's Barn, located in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, for the Walt Disney Family Foundation. Every third Sunday of the month, our members serve as volunteer hosts to the public at Walt's Barn - "the only free Disney attraction in the world!"
Casa Adobe de San Rafael

Center for Southern California Studies

Chatsworth Historical SocietyChatsworth
Contact: Linda van der Valk, President

Chinese American Museum
Los Angeles - El Pueblo

Chinese Historical Society Of Southern California
Los Angeles - Chinatown
411 Bernard Street 90012


Claremont Heritage Inc.

P.O. Box 742 91711
Contact: Ginger Elliott
We are a membership organization to preserve the history and character of Claremont through research, education & action. We give tours, publish booklets and comment on changes to historic buildings.

Costumer's Guild West

Covina Valley Historical Society, Inc.
PO Box 1862 91722

Craft and Folk Art Museum
Los Angeles/Miracle Mile
Contact: Michelle Lee, Development and Communications Associate

Culinary Historians of Southern California
Los Angeles
2054 Kenilworth Avenue 90039-3006 (c/o Susanna Erdos)
Contact: Susanna Erdos
The CHSC was founded in 1995 by people with a passion for food beyond the knife and fork. We began as an affiliate of the Los Angeles Public Library and are now a 501 (c)(3)tax-exempt organization. We explore aspects of food history, trends, and the social implications of what and how we eat. And we have fun doing it! All lectures are free to the public and we have members-only events such as parties, picnics, and evenings at exciting restaurants! The CHSC supports the culinary collection at the L.A. Public Library through contributions of historic cookbooks and menus.

Culver City Historical Society
Culver City
P.O. Box 3428 90231
Contact: Stu Freeman, President (2009)
The Culver City Historical Society has a collection of historical negatives of early Culver City and MGM costumes from films.

Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum
Rancho Dominguez
18127 South Alameda Street 90220
Contact: Alison Bruesehoff, Museum Executive Director

Downey Historical Society and History Center
Contact: John Vincent, President

Drum Barracks Civil War Museum and Research Library
Contact: Susan Ogle, Executive Director

Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society
Eagle Rock
2225 Colorado Blvd. 90041
Contact: Eric Warren
Preserving and protecting Eagle Rock's history for over 45 years. Archives are open to the public 10am-12pm every Saturday in the basement of the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock.

Echo Park Historical Society
Echo Park
P.O. Box 261022 90026
Contact: Jesus Sanchez,
(323) 860-8874
EPHS publishes, a quarterly newsletter, a historic neighborhood guide, an annual calendar and other items. The group also sponsors Echo Park History Day, preservation workshops and monthly Echo Park Waking Tours. The group makes available speakers and a collection of photo boards for community events.

Eighth and Wall Incorporated
Contact: William C. Beverly, Jr., President
Eighth & Wall Incorporated's mission is to tell the forgotten stories of the cultures of Los Angeles. Eighth & Wall’s purpose is to present to the general public the history of the people and cultures of Los Angeles through art, literature and the media.

El Molino Viejo Museum
(see "Old Mill Foundation" below)

El Monte Historical Society
El Monte
Contact: Donna Crippen

El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Park
Los Angeles
Contact: John Kopczynski, Public Affairs

Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California
Long Beach
Contact: Jim Baker, Membership Secretary

Filipino Heritage L.A.
Contact: Sam Balucas, Chapter President

Fisher Gallery

Forest Lawn Museum
Contact: Shannon Lawrence, Event Planner

Fort MacArthur Military Museum Association
San Pedro
3601S Gaffey Street 90731
Contact: Stephen Nelson, Curator

Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House

Friends of La Laguna
San Gabriel
P.O. Box 2548 91778
Contact: Eloy Zarate, CFO or Senya Lubisich, PhD, President

Friends of Rancho Los CerritosLong Beach
Contact: Kathie Schey

Friends of the Gamble House
4 Westmoreland Pl. 91103
Contact: Kori Capaldi
Friends of the Gamble House is a membership support group of U.S.C. dedicated to the preservation and operation of the Gamble House.

Friends of the Lopez AdobeSan Fernando
1100 Pico Street 91340

Friends of the Southwest Museum
Contact: Ann Walnum

Glendale Community College Archive
Contact: Denise Dobbs,
Adjunct librarian/archivist

1500 N. Verdugo Road 91208-2894

(818) 240-1000 ext. 3316
Located on the fourth floor of the library building, the Glendale Community College Archives contains over 146 linear feet of historical materials related to the College and Glendale history including: administrative documents, institutional records and publications, newspapers, clippings, yearbooks, scrapbooks, photographs, slides, videos, catalogs, class schedules, directories and memorabilia. Hours are Tuesday 8:30-11:30 a.m. or by appointment.

Glendale Historical society
Contact: John LoCascio,

Glendora Historical Society and Museum

Grier Musser Museum

Los Angeles
403 S. Bonnie Brae Street 90057
Contact: Susan Tejada,
Now relive the charm of Victorian Los Angeles at The Grier Musser Museum. The museum is an 1898 Queen Ann Victorian house museum that features monthly holiday exhibits throughout the year.

Heritage Coalition
Contact: Pam Harrell, President

Heritage Park
Santa Fe Springs
12100 Mora Drive 90670
Contact: Mary Tavera,

Heritage Square Museum
Highland Park
3800 Homer Street 90031
Contact: Jessica Maria Alicea-Covarrubias, Executive Director 323-225-2700;

Heritage Valley

Hermosa Beach Historical Society
Hermosa Beach
710 Pier Avenue Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Free; Open 10am-12pm Wed, 2-4pm Sat & Sun

Highland Park Heritage Trust
Highland Park
P.O. Box 50894 90050
Contact: Carmela Gomes, President
(323) 256-4326

Historic Adamson House/ Malibu Lagoon

23200 Pacific Coast Highway 90265
Contact: Ceci Wigen, Vice President or Lisa Otis-Kisor, Docent Council Chair
The Adamson House is completely in tact, Spanish Colonial Revival house built in 1929 by famed LA architect, Stiles Clements. It is set on thirteen lushly landscaped acres at Surfrider Beach in Malibu. Now part of the California State Parks system, the home was originally built as the Adamson's vacation beach house. Mrs. Adamson was the daughter of the Rindge family, the last family to own Malibu as an entity. The Adamson House is listed as both a State and National historic landmark. It has the largest collection of Malibu tile including an outstanding Persian carpet in the loggia made completely of tile. Mrs. Rindge, Mrs. Adamson's mother owned the Malibu Potteries that produced some of the finest California art tiles ever made. Please visit us Wednesday through Saturday from 11am to 3pm. The last docent led tour of the house starts at 2pm.

Historical Museum at LA Valley College
Valley Glen

Historical Society of Long Beach
Long Beach
Contact: Julie Bartolotto, Executive Director or Amy Niederhofer, Archives

Historical Society of Pomona Valley
Contact: Mickey Gallivan, President

Historical Society of Centinela Valley
7634 Midfield Ave.
, Westchester, CA
310-671-2075 or 310-677-2067
The Historical Society of Centinela Valley invites you to discover the first residence of the South Bay. Tour Ignacio Machado’s 1834 adobe home; visit Daniel Freeman’s 1887 Land Office where you will view historic memorabilia from the original tounship’s beginnings; take a look in the Walter Haskell Heritage and Research Center and learn of the rich history of the local area. The Adobe Comples is open for tours Sundays from 2 to 4 p.m. or by appointment.
Historical Society of Southern California

Los Angeles
P.O. Box 93487 Pasadena Ave 91109
Contact: Christia Cordova, Administritive Assistant
The Historical Society of Southern California, founded in 1883, is committed to preserving, interpreting and promoting the history of southern California. Through its programs and publications, the Society involves people of all ages and educates them about the cultures and events of the past that have shaped our contemporary experience. The Society informs the southern California community about the continuing study and pursuit of history, and celebrates the diverse dimensions of southern California's past and present, as well as the contributions of its many cultural heritages with a commitment to exacting scholarship.

Hollywood Bowl Museum
2301 N. Highland Avenue 90068
Contact: Carol Merrill-Mirsky, PhD, Director/Curator

Hollywood Heritage
P.O. Box 2586 90078
Contact: Alan H. Simon or Valerie Yaros, Board members

Huntington Library

ISLA: Information System for Los Angeles
Contact: Dr. Phil Ethington,

Italian Culture Heritage Foundation
Santa Monica
Contact: Joe Ventress, President

Italian Hall Museum
Los Angeles @ El Pueblo
Contact: Mariann Gatto, Curator

Japanese American National Museum
Los Angeles / Little Tokoyo
Contact: Chris Komai

Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles
Sherman OaksP.O. Box 55443 91413
Contact: Sandra L. Malek,
The Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles (JGSLA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sharing of genealogical information, techniques, and research tools with those who are interested in Jewish genealogy and family history.

Jewish Historical Society

Korean American Museum

L.A. as Subject
Los Angeles
University of Southern California
Doheny Memorial Library, Room 316
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0183
Contact: Susan Anderson, Managing Director
Hosted by the USC Libraries, L.A. as Subject is an alliance of research archives, libraries, and collections dedicated to preserving the rich history of the Los Angeles region. L.A. as Subject is working to increase the visibility of local archives and improve access to them for students, researchers, K-12 educators, and everyone else with a stake in Southern California history. L.A. as Subject promotes tools and mentoring to help its members with everything from preserving and cataloging materials in their collections to fundraising and public outreach.

La Puente Valley Historical Society
La Puente

Lanterman House
La Cañada4420 Encinas Drive 91011
Contact: Melissa Patton, Executive Director
Owned by the City of La Canada Flintridge and managed by the Lanterman Foundation, Lanterman House is a unique 1915 Arts and Crafts residence built by the second generation of the Crescenta/Canada Valley's founding family. The House contains fully restored interiors, original furnishings, and changing historical exhibits, and is set amid 1.5 acres of period gardens. The Lanterman Foundation oversees restoration and interpretation of the site, conducts extensive school programs, organizes an active schedule of educational and performing arts programs, and manages the Lanterman House Archive of materials relating to the history of the Valley. Tours of Lanterman House are Docent-guided, and group tours for ten or more are by advance reservation only.

Las Angelitas del Pueblo
Los Angeles / El Pueblo
130 Paseo de la Plaza 90012
Contact: Lester Probst
(213) 628-1274
A group of volunteer docents (men and women) who give free walking tours of El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument and Olvera Street to school children and tourists from around the world, and participate in educational programs and field trips relating to Los Angeles history.

Latino Heritage
145 North Raymond Ave 91103
Contact: Roberta Martinez, President

Leonis Adobe MuseumCalabasas
23537 Calabasas Rd. 91302
The Leonis Adobe Museum is Cultural Historic Monument #1 for the City of Los Angeles. As such it is a historical monument, living history museum and working ranch dedicated to restoring, preserving and sharing California ranch life in the late 1800's. Over 10,000 children visit annually to experience the hands-on, interactive educational program geared to the State of California Curricula Standards for Kindergarten through Fourth grade. Other programs and events are geared to families and adults that include a monthly lecture series, Spring Fling, L'il Ranchers Round Up Summer Program, Summer Dances Under the Stars, Pumpkin Party, Annual Holiday Open House.

Little Landers Historical Society
10110 Commerce Ave. 91043
Contact: Lloyd Hitt
The Little Landers Historical Society, named for the original settlers in Tujunga who believed in the premise of "A little land and a living," supports the museum housed in Bolton Hall, 10110 Commerce Avenue in Tujunga. The area covered in this museum is that which was once Rancho Tujunga which includes Tujunga, Sunland, Lake View Terrace, Shadow Hills and the Stonehurst neighborhood of Sun Valley. The original clubhouse is again a meeting place as well as a museum. This building made of local fieldstone is located in a Los Angeles City park. Visitors may enjoy a guided tour on Tuesday and Sunday, 1:00-4:00.

Lomita Historical Society
City of Lomita
Lomita Railroad Museum
City of Lomita
Contact: Monika Martinez, Asst. City Clerk

Long Beach Heritage
Long Beach
P.O. Box 92521 90809
Contact: Charlotte Mitchell,
Long Beach Heritage is a nonprofit education and advocacy group promoting public knowledge and preservation of significant historic and architectural resources, neighborhoods and the cultural heritage of Long Beach. The Bembridge House, a 1906 Queen Anne Classic Victorian, is owned and operated by Long Beach Heritage and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The home is open for tours on Tuesdays from 1:00 to 4:00 and for group tours at other times by reservation by calling 562-493-7019.

Los Angeles City Historical SocietyLos Angeles
P.O. Box 41046 90041
Contact: Ann Shea, President
The Los Angeles City Historical Society was established as a non-profit organization and incorporated in October, 1976. At the time there were historical societies devoted to specific areas and neighborhoods in Los Angeles but not one devoted to the preservation of the original City of Los Angeles. LACHS sponsors lectures, programs, field trips and an annual Gala/Awards Banquet.

Los Angeles Conservancy
Los Angeles County
523 West Sixth Street, Suite 826, LA 90014
Contact: Cindy Olnick, Director of Communications
The Los Angeles Conservancy is a membership-based nonprofit that works through advocacy and education to recognize, preserve, and revitalize the historic architectural and cultural resources of Los Angeles County. Founded in 1978 by a small group of concerned citizens, the Conservancy is now the largest local preservation group in the U.S., with 7,000 members and hundreds of volunteers. The Conservancy works to find preservation solutions for specific historic resources; foster sound preservation policy and incentives; and help people through technical assistance, training, and resources. Its educational programs include architectural walking tours, youth outreach, annual preservation awards, and Last Remaining Seats, an annual summer series of classic films in historic theatres.

Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society
Contact: William Dahlquist, curator

Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation
Los Angeles
1725 Wellington Road 90019
Contact: Hillsman Wright, Executive Director
The L.A. Historic Theatre Foundation is a non-profit organization formed in 1988 to protect, preserve, restore, and sustain the operation of Southern California's historic theatres.

Los Angeles Maritime Museum
San Pedro

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust
Los Angeles
6435 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 303 90048
Contact: Jodi Shapiro
Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (LAMH) has a two-fold mission that has remained constant since its inception in 1961: commemoration and education. Commemoration: LAMH dedicates itself as a primary source institution, one that commemorates those who perished and those who survived by housing the precious artifacts that miraculously weathered the war, the ghettos, and ultimately, the death camps. Education: LAMH is committed to providing free education to the public. We are the only Jewish/Holocaust organization in Los Angeles which guarantees dialogue with an actual survivor, a living embodiment of history.

Los Angeles Police Historical Society
Highland Park

The Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundation
Alhambra 626-458-4449

Los Encinos Docent Association
16756 Moorpark Street 91436
Contact: Michael Crosby

Los Encinos State Park

Los Feliz Improvement Assn. History Committee
Los Feliz
P.O. Box 29395
Los Angeles, 90027
Contact: Marian Dodge
The LFIA History Committee's mission is to document and preserve the history of Los Feliz by collecting old photos, conducting oral histories and surveying homes. We host an annual Photo Day to collect old photos of residents and landmarks. LFIA published “Los Feliz: An Illustrated Early History” and landmark note cards which may be purchased at The Los Feliz Historical Survey of more than 3,000 homes is at the Los Feliz Library reference section.

Los Pobladores 200: Ancestral Heritage Association
Olvera Street
P.O. Box 861285 Los Angeles, 90086
Contact: Rose Ramirez, President (2012) or Irene Hastings, Treasurer (2012)

Lummis Day Foundation
Highland Park
Contact: Heinrich Keifer

Lummis Home
Highland Park

Manhattan Beach Historical Society
Manhattan Beach
Contact: Steve Meisenholder, President

Mar Vista Historical Society
Mar Vista
Contact: Nadine Gallegos

Mar Vista Historical Society aims to document the changing and unique character of Mar Vista in recorded times with research, stories, maps, photographs and oral histories; stimulate historical thinking about the mosaic of its people, issues and events; and share and preserve historical resources related to Mar Vista neighborhoods in the MVHS website.

Mission San Fernando
Mission Hills
Contact: Msr. Francis Weber, Archivist

Monrovia Old House Preservation Group
PO Box 734 91017
Contact: Jim Wigton, President

Montebello Historical Society
946 Adobe Ave. 90640
Contact: Tim Poyorena-Miguel, Archivist
The objective of the Montebello Historical Society is to promote culture, historical preservation, civic pride and improvement. The 1844 Sanchez Adobe museum, which was the home of Juan Matias Sanchez, features a large photographic collection of the family and surrounding area including the First San Gabriel mission. The Society's main source of support and income includes: Membership dues, endowment interest and fund raising activities. The museum is open on Saturdays from 1 to 4pm.

Monterey Park Historical Society
Monterey Park
Garvey Ranch Park, 781 S. Orange Avenue 91754
Contact: Kathryn Foster
The objectives of the Monterey Park Historical Society shall be to encourage and promote the study of history in its relation to Monterey Park and the surrounding San Gabriel Valley; to collect and preserve all material of whatsoever kind which could have any bearing on the City of Monterey Park, the general purposes shall be the discussion of such historical and literary subjects (per by-laws).

Mount Lowe Preservation Society, Inc

Muckenthaler Cultural Center
1201 West Malvern Ave. 92833
Contact: Janette Pyun or Zoot Velasco

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley
San Fernando Valley
21031 Ventura Blvd. Suite 419 91364
Contact: Jerry Fecht, President
The Museum of the San Fernando Valley is in its formative stage. We are a museum community working to bring about a great regional Museum of history and culture for 1,800,000 residents of the greater San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles suburbs and independent cities and canyon communities). We exist to serve people and local historical and cultural organizations. Our objective is to create mobile exhibits and to utilize state of the art technologies and traditional exhibit spaces to teach Valley-related history and to meet the challenges of today and the future.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Los Angeles – Exposition Park

Norton Simon Museum

Office of Historic Resources, City of Los Angeles
Los Angeles200 N. Spring Street # 620 90012
Contact: Ken Bernstein, Director

Olmsted District Preservation Association / Save Old Town Torrance
2028 Gramercy Ave. Torrance, CA. 90501 90501
Contact: Don Barnard, President
Save Historic Old Torrance has a twofold mission of advocacy and education regarding historic preservation. Save Historic Old Torrance works to preserve the architectural treasures in the City of Torrance, its cultural heritage and charm, as well as its street scape, open space, and sense of neighborhood and community through education and preservation strategies.Save Historic Old Torrance provides ever-increasing services due to its dedication to the community of Torrance

Pacific Palisades Historical Society
Pacific Palisades
Contact: Randy Young, Curator

Pacific Railroad Society
Contact: Thom Anderson, WPRRHS Administrator

Pasadena Heritage
Contact: Sue Mossman

Pasadena Museum of History
470 W. Walnut St. (corner Walnut St. and Orange Grove Blvd.)
Contact: Katie Brandon
(626) 577-1660
Founded in 1924 to preserve and share the rich history, art, and culture of Pasadena and neighboring communities, the Museum's beautifully-landscaped 2-acre campus houses three period buildings, exhibition galleries, and research library/archives. PMH maintains the area's largest and most comprehensive collection of historic documents and artifacts. The research library is open to the public free of charge. Tours, exhibitions and extensive public programming offered year-'round.

Pico Rivera Historical Museum
Pico Rivera

Pio Pico State Historic Park

Point Fermin Lighthouse
San Pedro
807 West Paseo del Mar 90731
Contact: Kristen Heather, curator

Point Fermin Lighthouse Society
San Pedro
P.O. Box 742 90733
Contact: Martha Austin McKinzie, President

Pomona Heritage
P.O. Box 2813 91769
Contact: Deborah Clifford or Melissa Chavez, Vice-President
Pomona Heritage, Inc., (PH) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Pomona, California's historically significant homes and buildings and to the education and awareness of our residents about the cultural richness with which we are entrusted. Pomona has thousands of beautiful historical homes and buildings scattered throughout the city.

Queen Mary Museum
Long Beach

Railway and Locomotive Society

Ramona Museum of California History
San Gabriel
Contact: Joey Claro, President (2009)
(626) 280-5111 or

Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Site and Gardens
Long Beach
6400 Bixby Hill Road 90815
Contact: Michael Powers, Programs
(562) 431-3541
Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Ranch and Gardens is owned by the City of Long Beach and operated by Rancho Los Alamitos Foundation, a nonprofit organization, as a public/private cooperative effort under the auspices of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine.

Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site
Long Beach
4600 Virginia Road 90807
Contact: Melinda Rasch, Volunteer Marketing Director / Ellen Calomiris, Director
Rancho Los Cerritos is a National and State Historic Landmark open for public tours and programs. The 1844 adobe and landscaped grounds echo with the rich history of Spanish, Mexican and American California and with the families who helped transform S. CA from its ranching beginnings to a modern, urban society.

Redondo Beach Historical Society
Redondo Beach

Salvation Army Western Territorial Museum
Contact: Kimberly Mack, Curator

San Fernando Museum of Art & History
City of San Fernando
Contact: Richard Arroyo, Public Relations

San Fernando Valley Historical Society
Mission Hills
P.O. Box 7039 91346
Contact: John Brooks, President or Tesa Becica, Corresponding Secratary

San Gabriel Historical Association

San Gabriel
546 W. Broadway - San Gabriel, CA 91776
Contact: Mary Cammarano, President
Bill A'Hearn, Vice-President
626.308.3223 or
The mission of the San Gabriel Historical Association is to promote interest in the history of San Gabriel and the San Gabriel Valley. We foster, preserve and protect the historical landmarks, buildings, monuments, customs and ceremonies of early California and San Gabriel. To advocate an awareness of our historical background and priceless heritage through the memory and deeds of those persons who contributed substantially to the making of the history of this area.

San Gabriel Mission Museum
San Gabriel
427 S. Junipero Serra Dr. 91776
Contact: Chuck Lyons
Founded by Franciscans and served by Claretian Missionaries since 1908, the Mission is open 359 days a year from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. San Gabriel Mission, fourth oldest of the 21 missions in California, was founded on Sept. 8, 1771 by Fr. Pedro Cambon and Fr. Angel Somera at the direction of Fr. Junipero Serra, president of the California Missions. On a self-guided tour using a map and historical information guide, visitors can see the original mission church, museum, winery, aqueduct, outdoor and indoor kitchens, candle and soap vats, tannery, the first cemetery in Los Angeles County, models of all 21 missions in California, fountain, cannon, and the beautiful gardens. History Day is usually the first Saturday of the month from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. . Mission's annual fiesta, celebrating its founding, is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Museum Saturday is the first Saturday of the month (closed for holidays) and features other local museums (Ramona Museum of California History in San Gabriel, San Gabriel Historical Society and Hayes House in San Gabriel, Old Mill in San Marino, and Sanchez Adobe in Montebello.

San Marino Heritage
San Marino
1613 Chelsea Rd #312 91108
Contact: Shirley Jagels
San Marino Heritage was founded to promote, preserve and enhance San Marino’s cultural, historical and natural resources. We believe that our organization fills a niche in activiely advocating for historic preservation, and is helpful in making our city representatives more accountable and aware of the concerns of its citizens. We also serve to protect these resources through the proper enforcement of laws that apply to their protection, and through the development of stricter ordinances concerning these cultural resources.

San Marino Historical Society
San MarinoP.O. Box 80222 91118
Contact: Judith Carter, Archivist
The San Marino Historical Society aims to preserve the cultural heritage of San Marino; to collect and archive information in all formats; to foster research, study, increase awareness of the city's history; to provide programs on topics related to San Marino's history; and to participate in the preparations for the celebration of San Marino's centennial in 2013.

San Pedro Bay Historical Society
San Pedro
Contact: Anne Hansford, Archivist

Sanchez Adobe Historic Site & Museum
(see Montebello Historical Society above)

Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society
Santa Clarita

Santa Monica Conservancy
Santa Monica
P.O. Box 653, 90406
Contact: Carol Lemlein, President or Tom Cleys, Treasurer

Santa Monica Historical Society and Museum
Santa Monica

Scenic Arroyo Seco
Contact: Nicole Possert

Seaver Center for Western Historical Research
Contact: John Cahoon, Collections Manager

Society of Architectural Historians, Southern California Chapter
Sherman Oaks
P.O. Box 56478 91413
Contact: Rina Rubenstein, Membership Chair
The Society of Architectural Historians, Southern California Chapter (SAH/SCC) is a non-profit organization of volunteer enthusiasts. Although our parent organization, the Society of Architectural Historians, includes academics, architects, and other kinds of architecture professionals as well as others interested in architecture and its study and protection, SAH/SCC draws its members primarily from the community at large. Everyone is welcome to become a member, and our events are commonly open to the public. We are dedicated to promoting the appreciation and understanding of Southern California’s rich architectural history. Our mission is education and outreach. Although we naturally favor the preservation of outstanding examples of historical architecture, we are not an advocacy organization for specific preservation causes. We offer a robust schedule of on-site tours, lectures, discussions, and other events in support of our mission.

Sons of the Revolution Library

Southern California Genealogical Society & GSHA
417 Irvine Drive 91504
Contact: Charlotte Bocage

Southern California Jewish Historical Society
Los Angeles
6505 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 370 90048

Southern California Library - The Peoples' Library
Los AngelesContact: Michelle Welsing, Communications Director

Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society
P.O. Box 93697 91109
Contact: David Coscia,
Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society is an independent non-profit organization devoted to the preservation of the history of the Southern Pacific Railroad, its predecessors and successor railroad companies, and to the dissemination of information which documents that history.

St. Vincent Medical Center Historical Conservancy
Los Angeles
2131 West 3rd Street 90057
Contact: Ken McGuire, Archivist

Studio City History Project
Studio City
Contact: Mary Mallory

Studio for Southern California History (Studio)
Los Angeles - Chinatown
C525 Alpine Street, Stuite 103 90012
Contact: Sharon Sekhon, Director
The Studio is a nonprofit dedicated to critically chronicling and disseminating the region's social history in order to foster sense of place and social responsibility. In addition to its ongoing exhibit in its Chinatown gallery space, the Studio hosts free walking tours, public forums, and workshops related to local history. The Studio is developing an online resource including lesson plans and ways to integrate local history into the classroom through the LA History Archive ( The Studio is open noon to 8 pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday and by appointment.
The Antelope Valley Indian Museum

The Catalina Island Museum and Society
Contact: Stacey A. Otte, Executive Director

The Old Mill Foundation
South Pasadena
Contact: Michele Clark

Venice Historical Society
P.O. Box 12844 90295
Contact: Jill Prestup, President
The Venice Historical Society is a 22-year old non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness and promoting historic preservation in the community of Venice.

West Adams Heritage Association (WAHA)
Los Angeles
2263 S. Harvard Blvd. 90018

Contact: John Patterson, President
The West Adams Heritage Association (WAHA) is devoted to the preservation of the historic West Adams district of Los Angeles. West Adams is located southwest of downtown and contains the city's largest concentration of Victorian & Craftsman homes, 5 of the city's Historic Preservation Overlay Zones (HPOZ) and a concentration of cultural monuments. We are a diverse group of historical and architectural enthusiasts who have come together to present during Spring & Christmas, living history and walking tours. We also sponsor preservation, restoration and assorted special and social events.

Western Educators, Shooters and Troopers
P.O. Box 241 91770
Contact: Lou Cooper

Western Hotel Museum

Western Museum of Flight
Contact: Cindy Macha Skjonsby, President

Whittier ConservancyWhittier
P.O. Box 9114 90608
Contact: Charles Claver, Vice-President
Born from the rubble of the Whittier Narrows earthquake of October 1, 1987, the Whittier Conservancy works for the preservation and sensitive use of Whittier's significant residential structures, landmark commercial buildings, and notable landscapes, including its valuable cultivated trees, public parks, and the natural beauty of Whittier Hills.

Whittier Historical Society
Contact: Myra Hilliard, Executive Director

William S. Hart Park and Museum
24151 Newhall Ave. 91321
Contact: Ayesha Saletore, Administrator
The William S. Hart Museum was originally the Spanish Colonial Revival Style mansion for famed silent film star, William S. Hart. Exhibited in the museum's collection are artwork by Charles M. Russell and Frederic Remington, photographs of famous actors and actresses, and artifacts pertaining to different Native American tribes. This is a truly unique museum, so come by and visit!

Windsor Square-Hancock Park Historical Society
Hancock Park
137 North Larchmont Blvd. # 135 90004
Contact: Ernie Marjoram,

Workman and Temple Family Homestead Museum
City of Industry
Contact: Karen Graham Wade, Director