Saturday, May 31, 2008

LA Heritage Alliance Convenes First Meeting

Today, the Los Angeles Heritage Alliance -- formed to increase communication and collaboration between heritage organizations in Los Angeles -- held its first Alliance meeting at Heritage Square Museum in the Perry Mansion.

Over 150 groups were invited to hear about online marketing and "web 2.0" tools from Zach Behrens, editor of the highly sucessful Los Angeles news blog, Behrens gave an overview of the online tools that can be employed for free or at a low cost to market historical organizations to a wider audience.

The next Alliance meeting will be in August with information posted on this site. The topic will focus on membership: attraction, activation, & retention.

The following groups were represented at today's meeting:

Alhambra Preservation Group

Heritage Square Museum

Lanterman House

Las Angelitas

Los Angeles Conservancy

Old Mill Foundation

Santa Monica Conservancy

Society of Architectural Historians, Southern California Chapter

1 comment:

RuskinRules said...

GREAT meeting! As the "web guy" of our organization, I got a lot of useful info from Zach's presentation as well as finding out about the "cool tools" available that we can incorporate into our outreach.

Looking forward to the next one -- thanks!

Oscar Amaro
Alhambra Preservation Group