Thursday, July 10, 2008

What's Your Website?

Many sites claim to have the "complete" list of historical societies, museums, and heritage groups in Los Angeles listed. Often, though, these lists are outdated or incomplete.

As part of the mission to increase communication, the LA Heritage Alliance is working to create a real-time, updated list of heritage organizations in Los Angeles.

So, we need your help: what organizations do you know about and what are their websites?

Respond in the comment section below and watch as the list on the list on the left becomes a real-time example of heritage organizations in Los Angeles!


jim said...

The West Adams Heritage Association (WAHA) has a website at

Willow said...

The L.A. Conservancy has a big list on our website at - it's pretty outdated but we're updating it now.

-- Cindy Olnick, LA Conservancy

caroll said...

The Santa Monica Conservancy is