Thursday, March 26, 2009

California Preservation Foundation Conference: Register Now!

The California Preservation Foundation, a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of California's diverse cultural and architectural heritage, is hosting its34th Annual California Preservation Conference, "The Culture of Leisure--Rethinking the California Dream", April 16-19, 2009, in Southern California.

If you want to get in on this exciting statewide event, get your spot on the coolest tours, participate in cutting-edge workshops, and attend unforgettable events, register now online at their website:

LAST CHANCE FOR ROOMS: A new block of rooms were added at the Spa Hotel! The Coachella Valley Music Festival occurs on the same weekend and rooms in the area are being booked now. Click here. Rooms are only held through 4/2/09!

The mission of The California Preservation Foundation is to "provide statewide leadership, advocacy and education to ensure the protection of California's diverse cultural heritage and historic places."

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