Monday, March 9, 2009

Don't Miss L.A. Heritage Day

With over 65 groups joining for L.A. Heritage day on Sunday, March 22, 2009, you don't want to miss this annual event.

This open-air festival brings together dozens of local heritage groups to reconnect the public with greater Los Angeles’ vast range of cultural institutions and resources. Admission is free for anyone who downloads the flyer, and $5 without the flyer.

L.A. Heritage Day offers something for everyone— historic homes; a scavenger hunt and other activities for kids and families; panel discussions about culture, preservation, and tips for promoting local heritage; and the chance to learn about a variety of local preservation organizations, museums, and historical societies.

For an area widely misperceived as having no "real" history, the Los Angeles region has more than 200 historical organizations, societies, and museums dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich and varied pasts of various regions, industries, and individuals. The L.A. Heritage Alliance is a network of these groups formed in 2008 to unify and leverage their efforts.

Heritage Square Museum is located along the Arroyo Seco in northeast Los Angeles. This living history museum tells the story of Los Angeles’ development through historic structures that were relocated to the site to save them from demolition. For more information, visit or call 323-225-2700 x221.

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Irina said...

Heritage Square is a living history museum dedicated to telling the story of the development of Los Angeles. At the museum, eight historic structures (including three from Pasadena), were saved from demolition and moved to the site, demonstrating why preservation in our communities is so important. These beautiful Victorian-era buildings provide a glimpse of Southern California as it looked 100 years ago. Tours of the museum are included for LA Heritage Days.