Friday, May 1, 2009

Latest News from ALHFAM

Check out the latest newsletter of the The Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums Western Region here

This international association "serves those involved in living historical farms, agricultural museums and outdoor museums of history and folklife. Since its founding in 1970, ALHFAM has been at the forefront of the growth and professionalization of the use of living history techniques in museum programs. ALHFAM members and member institutions can be found across the United States and Canada and in many other countries."

Their mission states:
ALHFAM  is an organization of people who bring history to life. ALHFAM enables its members to make history a valuable part of the lives of museum visitors. It achieves this purpose through the exchange and sharing of ideas, information, tools and experiences centered around accurate, active, participatory, object-based historical interpretation. ALHFAM, through its membership, is committed to leading museum interpreters, educators, researchers, administrators, curators and volunteers in these fields:
  • Historical agriculture
  • Historical trades and manufacturing
  • Historical clothing and foodways
  • Living history programming
  • Historic site administration, care of collections, and program delivery within the above specialties

Check out their website at

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