Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Simons Brickyard Reunion: May 23rd

Simons Brick Yard, which was the largest brickyard during World War II in the U.S.
what later became parts of Commerce and Montebello, helped shape culture in Los Angeles, Southern California, and the Nation. The Montebello Historical Society is hosting a Return to Simons; check it out !(Click to make the poster bigger.)


eps said...

please advise on your next reunion for the brick yard, my mothernlaw was originaly one of the kids that lived ther back in the early 50's her name was Dora Flora Beltran she lived there with her bros and sisters:
Eloisa, Manuel, Linda, Richard, Charlie and Dora. Pleae let me know when your next reunion will be this year 2011 Thank you, and Ill be sure to let them know ASAP!! Thank you,

Frank Baltazar said...
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Frank Baltazar said...

Check my new web site on simons


Arnold1137 said...

I would like any information on the next reunion or just gathering from families from the brickyard. My grandfather Carlos Arnold was a blacksmith on the brickyard many years ago. My dad Ulysses Luna Arnold (Vicho) would tell me storys about the brickyard..I work in Montebello and would like to know more about it...Thank you,
Lorenzo Arnold arnold1137@gmail.com

saved by grace said...

I would also like information as well, my grandparents are from Simons. I am planning a photo gallery exhibition of there life in Simons Brick Yard. Valeryrebecca.martinez@gmail.com