Tuesday, September 1, 2009



There has long been speculation about whether the Andres Pico Adobe is haunted. Several people have indicated over the years that “occurrences” have happened within the walls of this historic site. It stands to reason that “something” might be in the atmosphere, after all, the Adobe is more than 175 years old; there’s bound to be a story or two these walls could tell….

On the evening of Saturday, October 31, the Board of Directors of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society will welcome back investigators of the American Paranormal Research Association (APRA) for a very special and exciting fundraising event. The APRA has spent four nights at our Andres Pico Adobe conducting scientific research sessions over a period of seven months. On this night, they will present background information about their scientific work, and share their findings about our Adobe. (You could be one of the first witnesses to Adobe phenomenon!). Afterward, the APRA members will lead breakaway sessions with small groups of participants and conduct further studies of the Adobe.

Due to the size of our facility, we are limiting the number of participants to 20 persons. There will be special (substantial) refreshments provided throughout the night, beginning at 7:30 P.M. and concluding at 3 A.M. The cost is $80 per person for an unforgettable evening. Reservations are being taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. This is a unique, exclusive special event with proceeds going toward building a structure to shelter the old farm equipment on display outside the Andres Pico Adobe Museum.

Everything you will see and hear is 100% real. All evidence was reviewed and analyzed by a panel of professionals in various scientific and respected fields. Take what you will from the evidence presented, and draw your own conclusions whether ghoulies and ghosties haunt our Adobe!

Date: Saturday, October 31
Time: 7:30 P.M. until 3:00 A.M. (although you may leave at any time)
Cost: $80 per person (Advance reservations and payments due Sept. 30. There will be no refunds.)
Special refreshments and a unique experience will be provided.
TO RSVP and/or for more information, contact Tesa at sfvhs@verizon.net.

One of APRA’s prior cases:
The American Paranormal Research Association (APRA) surveyed the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach over a 4-day span during Winter 2007. They concentrated on the ship’s boiler rooms, first-class swimming pool, engine room, cargo hold, and former infirmary. Unexplainable activity immediately started to pick up within the first 30 minutes of investigation, and the group collected the first-ever hard evidence in photos and videos that proved the great ship was “haunted.” Perhaps they will do the same for the Adobe.

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