Monday, March 21, 2011

Cultural Security

Here are some helpful resources for museums and groups working in cultural preservation related to security:

LAPD's Art Theft Crime Prevention Tips:

Building an Emergency Plan (from the Getty):

California Preservation:
The California Preservation Program (CPP) provides information, education, and expert assistance on preservation of collections to libraries, archives, historical societies, cultural institutions and records repositories in California.

Musuem Security Network:
The MSN’s original aim was to serve as a source of information for cultural property protection professionals. Gradually, the Museum Security Network mailing list has become the main channel for the distribution of news and information pertaining to cultural property protection, preservation, conservation, and security. On a daily basis, information is posted on as well as on the MSN Google Group. Key areas discussed include cultural property housed in museums, libraries, archives, monuments, and churches as well as other current topics such as art theft, forgery, fires, provenance matters, illicit acquisitions, the illicit trade, UNESCO 1970, and UNIDROIT 1995. Subscribers include museum professionals, law enforcement officers, lawyers, academics, insurance underwriters, journalists, auction houses, among many others. The MSN is fully independent and refrains from any financial or non-financial associations with commercial organizations active in the above fields.

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