Thursday, March 24, 2011

Free Disaster Preparedness Workshop in LA: 11/11 & 12/11

The California Assn. of Museums is hosting a free, two-part workshop in LA in November and December of 2011. Register now to take advantage of this great resource:

From their site...

Part 1 & 2: Protecting Cultural Collections / Los Angeles
Registration Information
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9:00am November 9 - 4:00pm December 7, 2011
Autry National Center
4700 Western Heritage Way
Los Angeles, CA

Disaster Prevention, Preparedness,
Response and Recovery

Part 1: November 9, 2011
Part 2: December 7, 2011

Located at the Autry National Center, Los Angeles, CA

The Heritage Health Index determined that most collecting institutions need an emergency or disaster response plan that includes collections, and staff trained to carry it out. Attend the interactive 2-part workshop “Protecting Cultural Collections” and walk away with:

•A complete disaster response and collection salvage plan by the end of Part 2
•The skills needed to train staff to implement your plan effectively
•Pre- and post-disaster action priorities for your collections
•Understanding of the practical decision-making skills needed during an emergency
•Experience salvaging a variety of material including books, documents, photos & objects

The two parts are scheduled 4-8 weeks apart. Participants prepare short assignments prior to the first session; between sessions, they undertake additional assignments resulting in a completed disaster plan at the end of Part 2. Upon completion, the institution will be invited to join an informal network of trained personnel to provide mutual aid in the event of emergencies involving collections in the region.

Who should attend:
Administrators and staff responsible for emergency preparedness, response and decision-making, in all types of libraries, archives, and museums. By registering for the workshop, the institution commits to supporting the attendee(s) to achieve the workshop's disaster preparedness goals. When possible, please send two attendees from an institution so they can work together on the disaster preparedness activities.

To learn more about the Californian Connecting to Collections Project HERE.

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jackie100 said...

Disaster preparedness is more important than ever. I think the earthquake in Japan reminded Los Angeles that we are due for the Big One soon. Some times we get complacent and "forget" but it's imperative to be prepared.

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