Thursday, March 7, 2013

Celebrate Los Angeles at LA Heritage Day!

On Sunday, April 14, 2013, from 11am to 4pm the L.A. Heritage Alliance will host its Annual L.A. Heritage Day to share Los Angeles and Southern California’s history through tours, five museums, children’s activities, presentations, giveaways, food, and other activities. The entire event and all activities are free and will take place at the birthplace of Los Angeles and adjacent to world-famous Olvera Street, making for a full day of free history, fun, and entertainment.

“In an area sometimes perceived as having no ‘real’ history, L.A. Heritage Day is an opportunity for people to learn about and enjoy the fascinating people, places, and events that have shaped Southern California,” said Cindy Olnick, spokesperson for the Los Angeles Conservancy. “It’s also a chance to learn about the incredible variety of local preservation groups, museums, libraries, and historical societies serving people today throughout Los Angeles County.”

This year’s LA Heritage Day will feature a children’s activity area with activities from groups like the Chinese American Museum with a lantern-making workshop. Historic cars of LA will be on display from various museums, including the Petersen Automotive Museum. Twenty presentations will be given including talks on the history of the Pico House as told through its original guest book, culinary history of LA, and their favorite “piece” of LA History by special guests.

The diverse groups participating in this year's L.A. Heritage Day represent the native peoples of Los Angeles to cultural groups to geographically focused organizations from across Southern California. “With so many groups attending this event, there will be something for everyone.  The legacy of the Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and African immigrant communities along with our region's indigenous people will be honored for their role in making Los Angeles the diverse metropolis it is today,” said Chris Espinosa, General Manager of El Pueblo Historical Monument.

L.A. Heritage Day takes place inside the historic Pico House and in the Plaza at El Pueblo Historical Monument
(, adjacent to Olvera Street and across the street from Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. El Pueblo is the birthplace of L.A., the site of the early pueblo where the city was founded in 1781. Special tours of Olvera Street, Avila Adobe, Chinese American Museum, and Plaza Firehouse Museum will be available, as well as the newly opened América Tropical Interpretive Center.

Parking is available in surrounding paid lots and attendees are also encouraged to bike or take public transportation:

Metro provides Bus and Rail transportation to L.A. Heritage Day located at the Plaza at El Pueblo de Los Angeles. Take the Metro Red, Purple, or Gold Lines to Union Station and walk across Alameda Street to El Pueblo Historical Monument. For your best route or more info, visit the Metro Trip Planner or call (323) Go Metro or (323.466.3876).

L.A. Heritage Day is Sunday, April 14, 2013 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and is presented by the LA Heritage Alliance and El Pueblo Historical Monument, in association with the El Pueblo Park Association (EPPA).  Admission is free, including tours and activities. The event is made possible through support from the Office of LA City Councilman Tom LaBonge, the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, and FutureStudio. 


Bob S said...

The so called board of directors of the Los Pobladores 200, has never been elected into office, with the exception of past President, Treasurer Irene Sepulveda Hastings. Others had completed a hostile takeover in 2011 and still claim to be the president and the secretary. These last two have excluded any and all legal members of the original Los Pobladores 200 (, which was established in October 1981 in Los Angeles by past President Joseph Northrop who died a few years ago. Other members who had died included Robert Earle Lopez, past President and last Genealogist-Membership Chairman (1920-2012), Richard S. Ontiveros who was a past Treasurer who died in 2012. Only members and past presidents still living include Paul Victor Guzman Jr., Irene Sepulveda Hastings, Maria Guadalupe Benitez(a slight problem with her communications and other actions in 2002 and in 2011), and myself, Robert E. Smith, and as a past vice-President, past Editor of the El Mensaje, and Alfred Edward Moch (Cota), with a couple of other past members who held office, prior to 2010.

Since January 2011, the Los Pobladores 200 (the original organization), had lost its Non-Profit status with the State of California and the IRS, for a lack of filing the proper documents with the IRS (something that Joe Northrop had failed to inform anyone of prior to his death), the current so-called Los Pobladores 200, which claims to the only organization is using the webpage listing as the and prior to that as Neither one of these organizations, as well as the board of directors have been voted into office, the so called president and secretary have excluded any member of the original organization that they do not like, have discriminated against and refuse to perform any legal and historic activities that a non-profit organizations is required to do. Historical events, hold elections, hold board meetings with both of their approved members, non-members, all general membership members from 2011 and prior to their take over. This can be in part seen in their website, and they refuse to meet with other members of the original organization.

Robert E. Smith, Past President (1998-2000),

Bob S said...

Thanks for your time on this matter, and what the original organization needs to a new board of directors, a genealogist-membership chairman and all other positions to be filled in a complete and legal election, a new complete set of By-laws (the 13 page document that I completed was rejected by the acting board of directors in September 2011 as being too long, and that they would write their own, which has not happened to date). A new and complete listing of all of the Spanish-Colonial Soldiers and their complete families from Sonora, Sinaloa, New Spain (known as Mexico after September 16, 1821), and those who traveled from the Royal Presidio of Loreto, Baja California from January 1781 to arrive at the Mission San Gabriel Arcangel in July and August 1781. It included all of the soldiers who established the Mission San Buenaventura in 1782, the Royal Presidio of Santa Barbara on 21 April 1782, who were waiting until Spring to move north, the complete military escort soldiers and their families who traveled in the same time periods to Monterey, San Jose and to San Francisco with the Governor and his escorts. And, the two military families who stayed at the Presidio of San Diego when their wives were about to have birth of their new born children, and the few others who traveled to Alta California with the Rivera Expedition and who were killed in Yuma on their return trip to Colonial Spain. Bob Smith


I love LA and it's rich heritage.

Drew Watts said...

Joyous to know about this LA heritage day party. Last month, I arranged my committee dinner at one of the graceful Los Angeles event venues by inviting all the members of the committee. They liked the arrangements and it was a successful event.