Wednesday, April 10, 2013

LA Heritage Day Speakers Announced

LA Heritage Day is proud to present expert speakers from across L.A. in its Heritage Showcase. Don't miss these compelling and authoritative presentations!

The schedule* for Heritage Day is as follows:

11:15            Richard Atkins, Hollywood Heritage:
                      “History Is Not Always Set in Stone”

11:30             Marva Felchlin, Autry National Center: 
“The Pico House, as Told by Its Original Registry”

11:45            Jerry Fecht, Museum of the San Fernando Valley:
“Surveying the San Fernando Valley's Population of Ghosts”

12:00            Councilman Tom LaBonge

12:15            Charles Perry, Culinary Historians of Southern California:
“How L.A. Spawned the Cafeteria, for Better or Worse”

12:30            Christina Rice, Los Angeles Public Library, Photo Collection: 
“Hidden Photos of LA Public Library”

12:45            Leslie Kendall: Chief Curator, Petersen Automotive Museum

1:15             Keith Rice, Los Angeles United Methodist Museum of Social Justice:
“The Founding Members of La Plaza Church”

1:30             Venice Heritage Museum:
“Envisioning a Venice History Museum & Abbot Kinney's Dream”

1:45             Friends of Griffith Park:
“Anza National Historic Trail”

2:00             Amorette Crespo, La Plaza de Cultura y Artes:
                        “Forgotten Histories: A Place to Speak Freely”

2:15            Marc Wanamaker:  
“The first film studios in downtown Los Angeles and Boyle Heights”

2:30            Nathan Masters, USC Libraries/LA as Subject:
                        "Roots of LA: Trees & the History of LA"

2:45            Elizabeth Morin, City of Los Angeles Dept. of Cultural Affairs: 
“Los Angeles: The Big Read”

*subject to change

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