Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How Is Your Organization Seen from the Outside?

Often, outsiders stumble upon your organization without you knowing about it. How are you seen to the outside world when you're not telling the story yourself?

You can have an impact on how your organization is seen, at least in part, by updating your organization's GuideStar report.

So what are GuideStar reports?
GuideStar reports are Web pages displaying information on a single nonprofit organization. Reports are found by searching the site and selecting one of the organizations on a search results page.

The amount of information available on these pages depends on each organization's participation level. The most active nonprofits provide information for their reports, upload documents, as well as post pictures and video.

Any nonprofit can update its nonprofit report on GuideStar for free.

To learn how to do this, visit the GuideStar report page.

Why should heritage organizations in L.A. take interest in GuideStar?
First, it's free. It won't cost you anything to have a higher profile on a site which claims that:
Every day, nearly 22,000 people come to GuideStar to learn more about nonprofits; in 2008, their visits added up to more than 8 million visitors. Many are donors and grantmakers seeking information on organizations to support. Reach out to them—and to the other members of our vast audience—by updating your organization's nonprofit report.

If you really want to get connected with GuideStar, you can be a part of the GuideStar Exchange. Again, this is free but requires a higher level of disclosure (and more effort).

Check out their site and see how you can maximize it for your organization.

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Dan Moore said...

Great post!

But I'm biased.

Two more reasons to update your GuideStar report:

1) GuideStar works with 25 partners to display our content. Update your report once and it appears around the web -- automatically.

2) Have access to GuideStar's powerful research tool (retail value of $1000/yr) for updating your report.


Dan Moore
VP, Nonprofit Programs